All types of football bets explained

All types of football bets explained

Football bets at Unibet
Football bets at Unibet
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In betting on football, there are literally dozens of different bets possible. Some of them aren’t that easy to understand. In this article we will take a look at the most common football bets.

1X2 / Match / Straight bet

The 1X2 bet is by far the most popular. Here you simply bet on the end result: 1 is a home team win, 2 is an away team win and X is a draw.
This bet is also available for the half time score.
Be aware of the fact that the 1X2 bet only applies to the regular playing time – 90 minutes plus stoppage time. In a tournament where overtime and penalties are possible, there will also be a ‘to qualify’ bet, which you can use to bet on the team which will advance to the next round. In this case, a draw is of course not possible.

Totals: Over/Under

The total number of goals in regular playing time – of both teams combined – is another very popular bet. Half numbers are used to display the odds, so that a draw (or ‘push’) isn’t possible.
This means that you can for instance bet on more (over) or less (under) than 2½ goals in a game. Naturally, everything is available, from ½ to 4½.
Over/unders are also available for the half time score, and often for more than just goals. You can often also bet on number of corners and yellow cards in an over/under.

Double chance

In this bet, you bet on two out of three possible results in a 1X2. The possibilities are 1X, 12 and X2.
If you bet on the ‘Double Chance X2’ for instance, you will win if the game ends in a draw, or when the away team wins. You can choose to bet on the full time or the half time result.

Draw no bet

A ‘draw no bet’ (DNB) offers the security of getting your money back in case of a draw. In this version of the 1X2 it’s only possible to choose between the 1 and the 2. This bet can often also be made for the half time score.


HT/FT stands for Half Time / Full Time. This is a combination of two 1X2 bets on the same game, one for the half time score, and another one for the full time score.
An example is ‘X/1’, in which you bet that the teams are level at half time, but that the home team will manage to win in the end.

Correct score

In correct score you try to predict the exact score after regular playing time. This certainly isn’t easy, which is why the payouts for this bet are often big. Again, you can also bet on the exact half time score.


Handicap bets are the most complicated. This is because there are several possibilities. There are for instance the three-way handicap, the Asian handicap and the Line handicap, to name just a few. The details are different every time, but the basis is always that one team gets a ‘virtual’ lead in the game. This handicap is then added to the real result, to get a handicapped result.
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